Metal Fabricators Advancing the Cause Against COVID-19

Shenandoah Valley company Valley Precision Inc. mentioned in an article about manufacturers helping with the response to COVID-19.

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April 13, 2020

In these uncertain times in our history, confronted with an unimagined worldwide pandemic, there is one thing that’s proven certain: Sheet metal fabricators are innovative, resourceful and ready to help.

We’ve heard from many of our customers who have joined manufacturers around the globe to help in the fight against COVID-19. We support, acknowledge and applaud their efforts. Here are a few such heroes:

Intellipure, Inc., a Healthway company, in Pulaski, NY has ramped up manufacturing of its medical-grade air cleaner units for front-line healthcare workers in New York state – producing between five and six thousand units a week – more than three times its normal output. The company has been manufacturing air cleaners that eradicate harmful particles for more than 20 years.

“Our goal right now is to provide first line protection to New York State and healthcare responders there,” Healthway Global President Vinny Lobdell said. “We’re turning down millions of dollars in orders to help support the epicenter of this crisis.”

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An almost century-old precision sheet metal shop, A.W. Mercer, Inc. in Boyertown, PA is familiar with quick turnaround – but never have the deadlines been so critical. The family-owned business is laser cutting and bending parts at maximum capacity. Cut and formed components support critical infrastructure projects and the fight against the pandemic, including parts for water-making and air filtration equipment to serve local hospitals. The company has also taken inspiration from LVD’s initiative with VIVES University of Applied Sciences in Belgium to manufacture a hands-free (coronavirus-free) door opener.

Custom manufacturing for the electronics industry is the specialty of Valley Precision, Inc., Waynesboro, VA. The company invites customers to bring them a challenging job and expect good results. Today it’s stepping up to an entirely different challenge. New ways of testing for the coronavirus have been ramped up across the U.S. thanks to new rapid tests and high-volume testing machines.

“We have been producing parts that go to a lab equipment company that just had a rush order for 50 units of an assembly that can be retrofitted to aid in the coronavirus testing efforts,” said Dan Drumheller, company spokesperson.

“They needed parts in five days, and we cut the parts on the LVD laser in one hour, formed them, and then had them anodized by our local plating company and shipped the parts in two days complete.  The reliability and speed of our LVD laser is essential.  Having that resource available to make parts quickly when needed is indispensable.  We are very glad to have the machine, and the good support of LVD for parts and service during this time.  Everything has to ‘work’ and be reliable, especially right now. “

Gerri Parker owner of CNC Products, Inc. has been working overtime to keep her small Niles, MI business fabricating stainless steel components for a sanitizing system. Typically used to sanitize sports equipment and for military use, the unit is currently with the FDA for approval for use in hospitals to sanitize against harmful bacteria.

“We have been buried with a large order for this sanitizing system for which we make a large stainless cabinet,” said Parker. “Hospitals have been ordering this unit and we are ramping up production. In addition, we have several other customers who provide to the Department of Defense, food service and hospitals and everyone is screaming for product. Many suppliers are out of stock on components or waiting on shipments from China.”

In Fort Myers, FL, Filtco Inc. has shifted its production from its Air Science brand of ductless fume hoods and lab equipment to focusing on carbon and HEPA filtration filters, decontamination, and sterilization products critical to COVID-19 diagnostics and treatment. Filters are manufactured using proprietary methods designed to provide the highest absorption of hazardous vapors or air particles.

Filtco’s Paul Chambre reports: “We’re now manufacturing a UV chamber for FFM-DR (filtering face mask decontamination and reuse), as well as laminar flow cabinets for startup and expansion of ventilator manufacturing production lines across the US.  Our LVD machines are working hard helping to satisfy hundreds of orders on hand for hospitals, law enforcement, military, and essential businesses.”

Thank you to these companies and the many others who are working to manufacture the components, supplies and equipment that are in such great need now. LVD is proud to support you!

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