POP Up Food HUB Developed in Page County

Date: April 7, 2020

As we know, the COVID-19 crisis is affecting us all – some more than others AND that is why Page County Economic Development, The Mimslyn Inn, Massanutten Resort, Rileyville Baptist Church, Rileyville Gospel Church and soon to be many more – are working together to provide a POP UP FOOD HUB for our Page County restaurant and hospitality workforce that are currently laid off or can’t start their seasonal positions because of the restrictions created by COVID-19.

The hope is to also lessen the burden on the community food pantry, Page One. Allowing Page One to concentrate their efforts on the increased demand they are receiving from other sectors of the population. Thanks Page One!!

How the Hub works? If you can, bring and show your last check stub – get food to grab and go from your vehicle. Food to go will vary every week.

Where is the POP Up Food HUB located? The Mimslyn Inn – pull through Front Porch at 410 West Main Street, Luray

How often will the POP UP FOOD HUB be open? Every Thursday from 2-4pm

When does the POP UP FOOD HUB begin? Thursday, April 9th at 2pm

Register ahead of time and let us know you will be using the POP UP FOOD HUB – we would like to have a better idea of supply before you arrive!

Food Pick Up Instructions Beginning Thursday, April 9th 2-4pm

Drive your car to the West entrance of the Mimslyn Inn (where their large sign is located), drive under the porch and pick up food bags from the bottom step of the front porch. This is the only time you get out of your car.

Pick up day and time:  Every Thursday from 2-4pm

Please be mindful – This is a service for restaurant and hospitality workers in an effort to lessen the burden on our local food pantry – Page One. They are assisting all other sectors of the population during their weekly pantry pickups. For more information and to Donate to Page One click the link.

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