InDemand Series: Forklift Operator

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Date: March 5, 2019

WHSV – Whether you have no job experience or years in warehousing, one company here in the Valley is looking for you.

“You can make a good life for yourself,” said Mike Nesselrodt, a warehouse supervisor for InterChange. “You can make a good career for yourself in this field. You don’t have to have any college background or anything.”

A decade ago, Nesselrodt stumbled onto his career with Interchange as a forklift driver.

“If there’s going to be trucking, there’s going to be warehousing,” said Nesselrodt. “To my best knowledge, I don’t think any of them are going away soon.”

The only experience Nesselrodt had was some warehouse work in college. After being at Interchange for just two years, he moved up to his current position; overseeing the facility and day to day operations.

But he says the forklift operating jobs are in high demand.

“At that point, you’re looking if they’re hungry,” said Nesselrodt. “To grow. You’re looking at whether or not they have any kind of other background with machine operating, things with that nature.”

The forklift operators with Interchange load and unload trailers, put away product, and lend a hand in the other facilities that the company works with all across the Valley.

But the day to day responsibilities still bring him home at the end of the day.

“They understand the importance of family and needing time at home,” said Nesselrodt.

According to statistics gathered by the Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board, salary for this position can range from $26,700 to $39,734. There is a projected job growth of 1,945 jobs over the next decade in our region. Most of these positions require a high school diploma or equivalent.

With InterChange growing their operations over the next couple of months, staffing for all levels will be needed. You can learn more about openings at InterChange on their website here.

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