InDemand Series: Looking Forward

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Date: October 29, 2019

WHSV is wrapping up our year-long look at in-demand jobs in the valley. We’ve featured 24 different career paths with jobs that feature high pay but do not require a four-year college degree.

Debby Hopkins with the Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development board says people are often surprised with the options out there when starting to look for a career.

“They can look at what a cook can get or look at a pilot or take a look at an opportunity that they never really considered before,” Hopkins said. “Many of the same skills that are required to be successful in one occupation will make them successful in a completely different occupation if they can just increase their awareness of what that is.”

We have featured jobs ranging from health care, commercial pilots, truck drivers and electronics apprentices. While the training paths vary from job to job, many of them involve apprenticeships. They’re getting a special focus this November, as the week of Nov. 11 is National Apprenticeship Week.

“Apprenticeships are really key, because with apprenticeship, you get a structured training program that provides mentored on the job training, someone to show you how to do the job, who’s already an expert,” said Hopkins.

As for your job search, Hopkins says its never too late to do a little homework that could pay off for your future.

“The more you can know about your labor market, the types of employers: Do they have apprenticeship programs or not? What’s really required on the job? What do they pay, and how many of those jobs are there?,” she said. “Information is power. It’s very important.”

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