InDemand Series: Maintenance Mechanic

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Date: July 10, 2019 

WHSV – In this week’s look at InDemand jobs in the Valley, we’re featuring careers in mechanical work.

Jonathan Kisamore, a maintenance mechanic apprentice at Tenneco in Harrisonburg, took a passion for mechanics and turned it into a career.

“From a kid on, I’ve always been kind of mechanically inclined and always liked doing mechanical work,” said Kisamore.

According to economic statistics from the Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board, the salary range for this position is from $37,400 to $65,200. Over the next decade, our region is expected to need 1,490 of these positions, which typically require a high school diploma or equivalent and a post-secondary certificate.

Kisamore started in high school taking classes at South Branch Valley Vocational Center for electrical and receiving his diploma, before moving on to Massanutten Technical Center.

“On a typical day, generally we come in, check work orders, see what the priority is, find out what pieces of equipment are down, fix those,” Kisamore said. “Then you’ll have preventive maintenance work.”

One of the best parts of his day is fixing a piece of equipment that’s down and receiving thanks from operators when it’s back up and running, he said.

“With all the new technology, it’s just not turning wrenches anymore. I mean, with the new technologies you have and a new safety protocol, you’re going to have a lot more computer-based stuff,” Kisamore said. “I see it advancing a lot in the next five years.”

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